What Are Miracles?

Tragedies take place every day. Whether it is a medical diagnosis that takes away a part of you or it is an injury, your life can change in the blink of an eye. It can take away your confidence as you are now faced with living in a different world, sometimes wracked with pain. That’s why the compassionate team at Specialty Facial Prosthetics works so diligently to restore your confidence, relieve the pain, and get you back to living life normally. Henry La Fuente and his team work to provide a variety of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery options to those in need.

Who Is Henry La Fuente?

Mr. La Fuente is a BCO Ocularist that has spent his career working to provide prosthetics to those in need. He has developed a variety of patented items such as his dilating eye, Facial Reconstruction Splint, and the LaFuente Expanding Conformer. He works diligently in research and development to continually take prosthetics to the next level in helping patients to get their lives back.

Miracles Every Day

La Fuente has been working with Dr. David Cavallero, a foot and ankle surgeon, to bring new life to those living in Honduras. They work together to bring custom prosthetics to those who are facing amputation, pain that is unimaginable, and those who have lost their eye. Working together as a team, they’ve been able to help many patients as the “brigade” comes to the city bringing about hope and relief.

Some of the patients that are seen in the Honduras visits have lost an eye due to different circumstances. They have lost their confidence as they don’t have the money to pay for a prosthetic eye. It can seem to be out of their reach to live normal life once again. However, when the doctors arrive, they work with these patients to restore their hope, whether they can pay or not. The doctors work to help these patients live vibrant lives without the worry of medical bills.

Due to La Fuente’s studies and innovative developments, he has been able to develop prosthetic bone. One patient that was visited was allowed to keep his leg after a destructive break due to this advancement.

Another patient that had been in a horrific motorcycle accident was unable to walk without assistance due to the damage to her leg when it was put back in place. With the help of Dr. Cavallaro using La Fuente’s advancements, this patient took their first unassisted steps once again.

Miracles like these happen every day in Honduras and around the world due to the compassionate care at Specialty Facial Prosthetics. Working with this elite team of caring professionals can help you get back on the road to your confident, bold lifestyle once again.

Whether you’re dealing with a birth defect, need cosmetic surgery due to an injury, or medical condition, please reach out to the team today. They are ready to help you restore your comfort, esteem, and help you get back to living life as you’ve always dreamed. Reach out today at (813) 361-8877 to set up a consultation.