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A prosthetic eye is a great way to restore your appearance in case you have a discolored or disfigured eye. However, in order to ensure that the prosthesis lasts long and allows you to keep maintaining a more natural look, it’s crucial that you take good care of it. Though you can do the basic maintenance yourself, for more professional cleaning of your artificial eye, you should consider a prosthetic eye cleaning service. At Specialty Facial, we are a highly experienced team of ocuralists specializing in developing and maintaining prosthetics. Contact us today for the best prosthetic eye clean up/polishing services.
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Why Timely Prosthetic Eye Polishing/ Cleaning Is Important

Over time, your prosthetic or artificial eye can collect debris and become dirty. Also, it may accumulate deposits (salt and protein) on its surface due to regular wear and tear, causing mucoid discharge in the eye socket. Timely prosthetic eye polishing/cleaning will allow you to get rid of these problems and bring your prosthesis back in shape. Additionally, following a healthy polishing regime makes it possible for your ocularist to examine the eye socket and discuss any issues or suggestions they may have.

At Specialty Facial, our experienced ocularists carefully examine your prosthesis to make sure that you have an optimal fit. Here is why professional ocular prosthetic cleanser service is important at regular intervals:

Dirt-Free Prosthesis
As mentioned before, your prosthetic eye can become dirty with time, collecting bacteria—even with regular usage. Environmental factors such as smoke, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions, as well as health factors such as allergies, poor hygiene, and disease, can contribute to the accumulation of deposits on your prosthesis. This is the reason why searching online with key phrases like ‘eye polishing near me’ and finding a credible ocularist in your neighborhood is recommended. Regular eye polishing procedure helps in removing impurities that can cause infection and discomfort.
Comfortable, Long-Lasting Prosthesis
It is of critical importance that not just your ocular prosthesis but the eyelashes and eyelids are also free of mucous build-up. These surface deposits can become an irritant over time and potentially lead to an infection. In case you are experiencing excessive discharge in the eye socket, swelling, or any kind of irritation, you should consider getting professional prosthetic eye cleaning immediately.

Why Choose Specialty Facial for Prosthetic Eye Cleaning

At Specialty Facial, our patient’s comfort is our biggest priority. We carry around 100 years of combined experience in ocular and maxillofacial prosthetics. For prosthesis cleaning service, we follow a gentle, swift process to ensure the comfortability and health of your prosthesis, as well as to extend the longevity of your artificial eye. Our ocularists guide you through every step of the process to avoid confusion and offer exceptional service. If you are searching for reliable prosthetic eye polishing near me, Specialty Facial is the place for you!
When to Consider Prosthetic Eye Polishing/ Cleaning Service
Although there is no hard and fast rule, we recommend you to consider prosthetic eye cleaning/polishing in every six months, if not sooner. Here are some of the symptoms that you need to visit a professional:
  • Irritability
  • Discomfort with Prosthesis
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Mucoid Discharge in Socket
Tips To Keep Your Ocular Prosthesis in Shape
  • Make sure the ocular prosthesis is in the eye socket at all times, even while sleeping. This allows your prosthetic eye to be stable and healthy.
  • In case you need to remove your prosthesis for cleaning, make sure to follow your physician’s instructions.
  • Use a baby hand/bath soap to wash your hands thoroughly before handling the prosthesis.
  • Avoid using cleaning products containing alcohol as it can permanently damage the materials.
  • Use approved lubricating solutions to ensure comfort and shine.
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