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Louis Madarasz, a Frenchman, made the earliest eye prosthetic in 1848. Now, 174 years later, his invention has blossomed into a full-fledged health services industry. At Specialty Facial, we care for you. Our mission is to empower people, who have experienced organ loss, to reach their full potential by helping them re-discover their natural, confident selves. We combine cutting-edge techniques and medical artistry to achieve our goal of empowering people.

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Specialty Facial: Experience State-of-the-Art Service from the Best Prosthetic Eye Provider in Oklahoma

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As a premium prosthetic eye provider in Oklahoma, we make sure to choose the most natural and comfortable eye implant to match your looks and personality. We understand your anxieties about living with a prosthetic eye. You might feel bogged down by worries about the prosthesis coming off and causing embarrassment. Fret not! Our products will put all your fears to rest.

At Specialty Facial, we not only provide you with peace of mind but give you a fresh dose of confidence. We work with wonderfully talented fake eye designers in Oklahoma, who help you find the best artificial eye for yourself.

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Decide Your Way of life- Get Fitted by the Best Ocularists in Oklahoma

‘One size fits all’ solutions don't always work. We employ leading prosthetic makers in Oklahoma, who understand that every patient is different. We are the most comprehensive fake eye designing and fitting center in Oklahoma. It can be challenging to find well-fitting eye prostheses in Oklahoma. As one of the handful few precision prosthetic eye providers in Oklahoma, we provide a wide range of prostheses for children and adults that meet the highest level of realism and comfort for patients.

As your ocularists in Oklahoma, we suggest two types of prosthetic eyes. The first option is the prosthetic eye, an artificial eye made of rigid acrylic plastic that has been specially crafted to resemble the real thing. The eye shells are carefully examined to make sure the prosthesis fits the socket precisely. Additionally, colors are carefully picked to complement the hue and pattern of the iris of the functional eye. The second option is the scleral shell. It is a groundbreaking and efficient cosmetic option for people who have lost/damaged an eye. Your scarred or blind eye will be completely covered with a thin prosthesis to improve its natural appearance. The bonus is, the procedure can be completed in a day!

Specialty Facial is especially for you if you feel lost in the search of a modern prosthesis, or if you have a problem with your fitted eye. You or your loved ones can benefit immensely from a prosthetic eye implant. You end up looking better on the outside and feeling more confident about your appearance.

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Why is Specialty Facial the best option for you?

Specialty Facial is setting industry standards for fake eye providers in Oklahoma not just because of our compassion, but also because of our unmatched designs. We are well known for our groundbreaking, comfortable, and natural-looking eye, nose and ear prostheses that are tailored to your requirements and preferences. In Oklahoma, we are experts in providing maxillofacial prosthetic services, including eye, ear, and nose prostheses. Let us outline the benefits of choosing us for yourself or your loved ones:

  • Experienced Ocularists – Prosthetics development and implantation are complicated procedures that require the expertise of a qualified and experienced person. For three continuous decades, we have offered our clients exceptional service. We work with the top prosthetic creators, who have in-depth knowledge, competence, and talent in intricate medical artistry to produce prostheses that are specially customized for patients' needs.
  • Fully Equipped Facility – Development and maintenance of ocular prostheses are carried out at Specialty Facial's cutting-edge laboratory, which is fully equipped with all required tools. You can count on our Oklahoma prosthetics clinic to provide you with high-quality work, accuracy, and great service.

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Specialty Facial is dedicated to providing our patients with realistic and natural-looking prosthesis. For more than three decades, we have helped thousands of patients. Specialty Facial promises to provide excellent customer attention throughout your prosthetic journey. We always value our patients' satisfaction and strive for their happiness as we help them achieve an enhanced way of life.
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