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Achieve your full potential in life. Don't let the insecurities stop you. When a surgical reconstruction is not an option for you, choose us to give you a renewed sense of peace and spirit. At Specialty Facial, we provide quality work at reasonable prices, with some extra love and care on the side. Choose to overcome your trauma instead of reliving it in the mirror every day.

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Best Prosthetic Ears in Oklahoma to Help You Restore Your Confidence

prosthetic ear in Oklahoma
We are the experts on prosthetic ears in Oklahoma. This statement is not just a claim but a fact backed by our unwavering positive results. When you suffer an injury or the loss of your ear, it can be devastating, not just physically but also emotionally.

We are a team of professionals specializing in ear prosthesis attachment in Oklahoma who strive to provide you with top-quality and custom-made prostheses. Let us help you regain the self-confidence to face the world with a new ear!

New and Improved Ear Prosthesis in Oklahoma

Unfortunately accidents happen all the time. The damage caused by such accidents, especially to the face, can have a lasting impact and take a toll on one's self-image, which may hamper day-to-day functions. Despite advanced medical procedures and innovative techniques, not all patients are eligible to get reconstructive surgery. For those who want to boost their confidence and are looking for an alternative, we are the answer to your problems.

Choose a state-of-the-art ear prosthesis in Oklahoma, tailor-made for you! Our prosthetic ears are Oklahoma's most sophisticatedly made auricular prosthesis implants, which we manufacture to meet all your requirements. Our top-notch prosthetic will restore a natural appearance to your face. Our implants are developed to be nearly identical to your ears. Hence we match the proportion, size, and alignment of both ears using accurate measures. Our approach uses several anatomical elements combined with emotional components, like looks and childhood experiences.

If you want the most trusted and reliable ear or eye prostheses in Oklahoma, we are here for you!

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Why Should you Choose Specialty Facial for ear prosthesis in Oklahoma?

We are Anaplastology experts with a reputation for superior prosthetic design and patient care in Oklahoma. We have been pioneers in designing and producing lifelike silicone prostheses that are cozy, firmly attached, and blend in with your skin. With Specialty Facial, more than a thousand patients have benefited from our team's assistance regaining their sense of well-being.

  • Top clinic in the area Implanting fake ears requires the skills and extensive knowledge of professionals in this field. Our board-certified specialist at Specialty Facial has more than three decades of experience. We are an established institution, especially for artificial ear implants. Our specialists employ their in-depth knowledge and expertise to create lifelike eye, ear, or nasal prostheses. Not even your loved ones will be able to tell the difference!
  • Technology The innovative techniques used by Specialty Facial have all the capabilities required to create facial prosthetics. We make accurate implant-retained ear prostheses that are precisely fitted for the patient's needs. Let us use our realistic prosthetics to help you improve your life!

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About Specialty Facial

Specialty Facial is dedicated to providing our patients with realistic and natural-looking prosthesis. For more than three decades, we have helped thousands of patients. Specialty Facial promises to provide excellent customer attention throughout your prosthetic journey. We always value our patients' satisfaction and strive for their happiness as we help them achieve an enhanced way of life.
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