Prosthesis Ear For A Natural Look

A prosthetic ear can cast away your fear of not fitting in. We design
highly customized artificial ears prosthetics so that you can get a
natural look.

Mobile Maxillofacial & Ocular Unit

Reaching us won’t ever be an issue because if you can’t, we will deliver the ear prosthesis to your doorstep.
Our experts will not only reach your location with the prosthesis but also will explain everything regarding its
wear and care.

Ear Prosthesis

A tragedy sometimes changes more than the way we think and live, but also how we look. There are numerous people out there with craniofacial
abnormalities due to an accident that may result in a missing ear. For many, this isn’t the outcome of an unfortunate event. Genetic disorders like
Treacher Collins Syndrome may also be responsible for an individual’s craniofacial defect, like a deformed ear. In any case, there’s a ray of hope,
as getting a prosthetic ear can make a lot of difference. External ear prosthesis is so life-like these days, it’s hard to even tell whether an
individual is wearing it or not. This has been immensely helpful for many who dealt with confidence issues due to a facial abnormality.
Custom Ear Prosthesis

We customize every type of prosthesis, including the prosthetic ear. No matter what kind of deformity you have or when an ear is missing, we can create a perfect fit to help you feel confident and look good.

Stop searching online with key phrases like ‘prosthetic ear near me.’ Contact Specialty Facial for ear prosthesis that doesn’t look unnatural. We are known to develop realistic prostheses that won’t ever be noticeable or a cause of embarrassment.
Advancement In Prosthesis

Looking for ‘ear prosthetics near me?’ We guarantee excellent maxillofacial prosthetics of all kinds. We stay adept with the latest advancements in the field to develop prosthetic products and solutions that are cutting-edge and reliable.

A lot of people complain that wearing a prosthetic ear has been difficult for them. This discomfort results from not getting a perfect fit, which is why we put in every effort required to create artificial ears prosthetics that are a right fit for every patient.
Prosthesis Care

We don’t just develop prosthetic ears, we also guide you regarding its aftercare. You can trust us for all the maintenance and care needs, so your prosthesis stays in good shape for years.
Oklahoma Clinic Hours

CALL US TODAY: 405.595.3226
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Why Choose Us?

We don’t boast that we are the best. We have facts to back up our statement. Here’s why your search for ‘ear prosthesis near me’ ends here at Specialty Facial.
We go above and beyond to maintain the quality quotient of prosthetic ears that we develop. Not just a promise but a commitment to creating a natural appearance for prostheses of all kinds is what we give to our clients.
Expert Assistance
You will receive every type of assistance for artificial ears prosthetics, no matter how complicated your case is. We run a fully-equipped maxillofacial facility with the most skilled professionals at your service.
Mobile Unit
In these uncertain times, we understand it's not easy for you to reach us. So, wherever you are, we will deliver your prosthetic eye under the vigilance of the best prosthetic Ocularist.
Wearing a prosthetic ear can be a challenge for you, but we got your back. With our guidance, you will be able to make the prosthesis a part of your life without having any doubts or worries in the back of your mind.



Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us is a testimony of our success. We are delighted to serve so many people and
change so many lives with an ear prosthesis that fits perfectly and is life-like.
  • Having a craniofacial abnormality on my left ear due to a congenital disability wasn’t easy
    for all these years. Thanks to Speciality Facial, because they created a perfect prosthetic
    ear for me. I have never felt so confident and complete.

    James, Oklahoma City
  • I lost my eye in an accident. My ocularists suggested a prosthetic eye and referred me to Henry.
    It's been 15 years since am using an artificial eye. Henry and his team made it so well
    that it looks natural. It really makes me feel so much more confident. Thank you, Henry.

    Mellisa Carter

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