Ear Implants

Looking for an implant retained ear prosthesis? Specialty Facial is the place to go! We can make
top-quality, natural-looking prosthetics custom-made to suit your need.

Why Choose Specialty Facial for An Ear Implant

Ear Implants
Our ears play a significant role in our physical appearance. A damaged, deformed, or missing ear can hamper your
appearance and cause low self-esteem. If you or a loved one of yours has lost their ear(s) due to congenital
malformation (microtia /atresia), bodily injury, a surgical procedure, or any other reason, a prosthetic ear can help in
overcoming the facial defect and obtaining a more natural look. At Specialty Facial, we are a team of experts
specializing in maxillofacial and ocular prosthetics. We can provide you with top-quality prosthesis custom-made to
suit your needs, for a quick and reliable ear repair. Contact us today for ear prosthesis and implants.

Ear Prosthesis: What Is It?

An ear implant is basically an artificial ear made out of different materials such as acrylic, plastic, or silicone to
replicate the look of a real ear. It is an alternative solution to surgeries for ear fixing, required post an accident or to
cover up a birth defect. People with microtia or atresia (a condition in which the auditory ear canal is either
underdeveloped, missing, or closed) are often recommended an ear implant for improved appearance. You may or
may not need implant retained ear prosthesis surgery. Our experts work closely with your surgeon to offer you the
best solution.

Why Choose Specialty Facial for an Ear Prosthesis?

At Specialty Facial, we provide you with the best-matching, natural-looking ear implants. Why go for complex
surgeries when you can restore your look with safe, non-invasive treatment methods? Besides, surgeries have their
own risks and complications. Implant retained ear prosthesis can also be considered in case you went through
surgery but are unhappy with the results. Here is why you should choose Specialty Facial for quick and reliable ear

Prosthetic of Experience

Prosthesis implantation must be performed by specialists with expertise and significant experience in this domain. At
Specialty Facial, our board-certified expert has more than three decades of experience, backed by nearly 100 years of
all in prosthetics. We have gained a solid reputation for artificial ear implants. Our experts use their
in-depth knowledge and skills to come up with realistic prosthetics that not only offer you a lifelike experience but
also boost your confidence.


Specialty Facial boasts of a Technology, fully equipped with all the necessary tools for a facial and ocular
prosthesis. We use cutting-edge technology to develop precise implant-retained ear prosthesis individually
customized to suit the patient's need. Let us help you improve your appearance with our natural-looking prosthetics.
From us, you can expect top-notch prostheses and exceptional services. So, if you are looking for the most realistic
and reliable ear implant nearby, Specialty Facial is your go-to clinic.

We Ensure You are Relaxed & Comfortable

During the process of prosthetic implantation, it is crucial that you are relaxed and comfortable. At Specialty Facial,
your comfort is our biggest priority. When visiting our prosthetic clinic, you don't need to worry about anything as our
experts guide you through every step of the process, from educating you on the prosthesis best fit for you to using and maintaining it properly. After carefully examining the possibility of a prosthesis, they design an artificial silicon model for
your prosthetic ear(s)
to be fabricated and hand-painted to look like real ears. When it comes to creating prosthetics, we
pay detailed attention to the design to ensure you get an optimal fit. The objective is to provide you with prosthetics
that you can wear for a longer duration without any discomfort.

Can’t Visit Your Clinic? We Can Come To You!

At Specialty Facial, we can prepare custom prosthetics on the same day of your visit. However, if you can't visit our
clinic for some reason, you can always take advantage of our Mobile Unit that allows you to get a prosthesis at the
comfort of your home or office. The facility is available to patients all over the US, and we accept most insurances.
If you don't want to go for reconstructive ear implant surgery but still want to do something about your ear(s), opt for
a prosthetic ear. They look great, and most people won't even notice them. Contact our clinic today to schedule an
About Specialty Facial

Specialty Facial is dedicated to providing our patients with realistic and natural-looking prosthesis. For more than three decades, we have helped thousands of patients. Specialty Facial promises to provide excellent customer attention throughout your prosthetic journey. We always value our patients' satisfaction and strive for their happiness as we help them achieve an enhanced way of life.
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