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Our life-like ocular prosthesis are customized to perfection, so you can live
life to the fullest and feel confident.

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custom prosthetic eyes
Life is full of uncertainties. Accidents can happen at any point, resulting in injuries that may hamper your physical
appearance. Damage to the eyes is one such injury. In case you or a loved one of yours has lost or damaged their
eyes, custom prosthetic eyes can be a solution. Specialty Facial is a reputable ocular prosthetic clinic where we help
patients who have lost their eye due to various reasons improve their visual appearance through custom ocular
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Fully Safe custom ocular prosthesis implantation Performed
by Experienced Ocularists.

Prosthetic eye implantation procedures are safely conducted at Specialty Facial’s board-certified, state-of-the-art
facility by highly experienced and trained Ocularists who have the technical know-how and in-depth knowledge of
different types of custom ocular prosthesis and their implantation. They make sure that the eye socket is fine and
ready for a prosthesis fit before developing the artificial eye. In case there is surgery involved, the ocularists first wait
for the wound to heal completely.
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Prosthetic Eye: What It Is & How It Improves Physical Appearance

A prosthetic eye is basically a fake or artificial eye made of hard, plastic acrylic custom-designed to replicate the
natural. Custom prosthetic eyes are molded and shaped by an ocularist to fit the patient’s socket. Detailed
attention is paid to the eye shells in order to ensure the prosthesis perfectly fits the socket. Also, colors are chosen
carefully to match the color and pattern of the iris of the fellow eye.

A lost or damaged eye can result in cosmetic disfigurement of the face, creating the need for left or right custom
ocular prosthetic. Implantation of a prosthetic eye can help improve the external appearance of such a patient and
make them feel more confident about their look. Get in touch with Specialty Facial today in case you are looking for
custom made ocular prosthesis.

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How Custom Ocular Prosthetic Works at Specialty Facial

At Specialty Facial, the process of prosthetic eye implantation begins with our experienced ocularists taking an
impression of the patient’s anophthalmic socket with a cool molten wax, which only takes a few minutes. Next is to
fabricate the wax model and create the white acrylic prosthesis to fit the socket. The iris is then hand-painted on the
prosthesis to match the color patterns of the fellow eye. At last, the artificial eye shell is polished with a clear acrylic
coating to provide a smooth and rounded finish. The whole procedure can take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours depending on the patient’s situation.

Who Should Consider Custom Prosthetic Eyes?

Custom ocular prosthesis is almost always recommended for:
Patients who have lost their eye due to an accident, trauma, surgery, cancer, etc.
Patients with Phthisic (shrunken, damaged) eye
Patients with congenital absence (Anophthalmos)
Patients with abnormally small-sized eyes with no visual potential (Microphthalmos)
Patients with Glaucoma, an eye infection, or tumor
    We closely work with your physician to provide you the best fit based on your needs.

    Why Choose Specialty Facial for Custom Prosthetic Eyes?

    At Specialty Facial, we carry almost 100 years of experience in ocular and maxillofacial prosthetic. We are the
    pioneer of the dilating eye, the LaFuente expanding Conformer, and Facial Reconstruction Splint. Over the years, we
    have built a solid reputation in the community for quality craftsmanship and exceptional prosthesis services. Our aim
    is not just to provide custom ocular prosthetic to our patients but also to change their lives for good.

    We use realistic and natural prosthetic to resemble the patient’s natural absent eye. Our prosthetic procedures are
    absolutely safe and performed with compassion keeping in mind our patients’ comfort. When you visit our facility, our
    experts will guide you through every step of developing custom prosthetic eyes, to avoid confusion and to ensure the
    ease of the process.

    If required, we can also create a prosthesis on the same day of your appointment for your convenience. Contact us
    today to schedule an appointment!

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