Conformer Eye Therapy

Have you been through eye surgery? Help the eye socket heal and form again using our conformer eye therapy.

Conformer Eye: What Is It?

Eye injury is an extremely traumatic experience that often results in scar tissue contracture, which can lead to a deformed and rigid space within the eye socket. To counter this and make room for a fake eye implant, artificial eye conformers are used. These custom-made acrylic resin ocular conformers are not just an interim measure but also a critical diagnostic indicator that helps in uncovering certain underlying issues, which the patient might experience post getting an artificial eye implant. There are two types of conformer shell that a patient can get, which are:
These conformers are merely used to prevent scar tissue contracture within the eye socket post an injury or operation.
Contrary to just preventing scar tissue contracture, custom-made conformers help in expanding a small socket, aid in maintaining hygiene and facilitate the movement of the eyelid. Another reason why ocularists recommend a conformer eye is to develop the final shape of the ocular prosthesis. This helps in reducing the need for adjustment, after the insertion of the implant. Conformer eye therapy is a popular initial treatment for patients with ocular defects because the fabrication of conformers is easy, and wearing one is a perfect way to prepare the eye socket for an ocular prosthesis.
Get The Best Conformer Eye Therapy At Specialty Facial
We know that getting an ocular implant is a complicated process and we are here to guide you at every step of the way. From helping you in getting the most life-like ocular prosthesis to best-rated conformer eye therapy, you can trust us with anything and everything related to ocular prosthetics. Our experts suggest that patients wear a customized eye conformer shell until the scarred tissues heal and space within the socket is ready to adapt to the prosthetic eye. We make sure that the conformer is comfortable to wear, and can help you get on a few routine tasks that can be managed, post a few weeks of an eye removal surgery.

Pediatric Conformers

Children who are born with a congenital defect like anophthalmia (absence of eyeball) or micro-ophthalmia (abnormally small eyeball) require eye expansion surgery or expansion conformer therapy. Prior to the customization of a scleral shell or an ocular prosthesis for children with an eye defect, conformer eye therapy is used to prepare the eye socket for an implant. A conformer helps the socket grow during the early months of healing and preparation. This naturally helps in developing eye prosthesis that can fit perfectly, no matter how young the patient is.

An ocular conformer also offers the required stimulation for the growth of the ‘bony orbit’ within the socket and helps the lid structure in adapting to the size of an eye prosthesis. The conformer size is increased gradually so that the child feels comfortable in wearing them and once the adequate size is achieved, the conformer is replaced with an artificial eye. Apart from all this, conformer eye therapy may or may not require a surgical intervention. In case, you are worried about not knowing enough regarding pediatric conformers then don’t worry, we will explain everything in detail once we get in touch.

Mobile Ocular & Maxillofacial Unit
A lot of times it is difficult for the patients to reach us. This is the reason why we have initiated the service of mobile ocular & maxillofacial units. Whether you want to get an ocular conformer or any other service, we will reach your doorstep, anywhere in the United States. We do not charge anything extra* for the mobile unit. Our expert ocularists and trained assistants will reach your home, along with a carefully crafted prosthesis that matches your facial features and requirements. Get in touch with us right away to know more about this service. *The free mobile ocular & maxillofacial unit is available on select services and can be discontinued as per the company policy, as and when required. Patients/relatives cannot claim any discount if the service is discontinued, or demand the service, in case their insurance isn’t covering certain aspects of the rendered treatment. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us.
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