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prosthetics for children with amputated limbs

How Does Prosthetics Help Children with Amputated Limbs?

If you go back to history, there is strong evidence of prosthetic devices used since ‘antiquity’! In recent days, the need for prosthetic limbs for children has witnessed a typical increase, much like their adult counterparts. While there are children who often have amputated limbs sadly because of accidents or illnesses if any; these are usually used by those people who experience
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post rhinectomy nasal prosthesis

An Overview of Post-Rhinectomy Nasal Prosthesis

Rhinectomy, is the surgical removal of the nose, both partial or in entirety depending on the case. Our nose is the central feature of our face and is attributed not only to visual delight but acts as an anchor for our smell and taste as also its connection with eyes, ears and other parts of the face. We understand that
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ear prosthetics for microtia

Understanding Microtia & Ear Prosthetics

Microtia is a congenital disability that develops in the first few weeks of pregnancy and leads to underdeveloped ears. As per research, 1 in every 2000 to 10000 babies in the United States alone are born with this defect. The cause, in most cases, is considered to be purely genetic. However, ingesting isotretinoin during pregnancy has been linked with the
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prosthetic eye problems

Common Prosthetic Eye Problems and How to Take Care of Them

Getting a prosthetic eye can transform the way you live your life and boost your confidence. However, using any prosthetic comes with its unique set of challenges too. These challenges can be efficiently dealt with if you have the know-how to deal with common prosthetic eye problems. Typically, individuals with prosthetic eyes can experience discomforts like teary eyes and mucous
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prosthetic 3d printing

How is Prosthetic 3D Printing Changing Lives?

3D printing has evolved into something more than just a novelty innovation of technology. The real-world applications of 3D printing are endless. From the world of art to that of prosthetic 3D printing, it has revolutionized the world of prosthesis. In today’s world, 3D printing significantly influences medicine and prosthetic devices due to its ability to handle and develop complex
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prosthetic eye movement

A Detailed Guide to Prosthetic Eye Movement

A prosthetic eye, known colloquially as an ‘artificial eye’, has been used in various forms for thousands of years. Centuries ago, they used to be called ‘glass eyes’ since they were actually made of glass. With modern medical technologies, the surgery needed to insert such a prosthesis has become a lot simpler. Still, plenty of questions remain. Perhaps the most
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Board Certified Ocularist

Here’s Why You Should Always Choose a Board Certified Ocularist

If you are someone who has to use an artificial eye or any other type of ocular prosthesis, you will probably need to visit a prosthetic eye specialist from time to time depending on your particular requirement. Regardless of your condition, you must always visit a board certified ocularist (BOC) for the most scientifically sound and cutting-edge treatment plus care.
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eye drops and lubricants

Major Differences Between Eye Drops & Lubricants for Prosthetic Eyes

Taking good care of prosthetic eyes is no laughing matter. These ocular implants require a certain number of eye drops & lubricants as one part of an ongoing care schedule for as long as the recipient is alive. If you have had a prosthetic eye implanted due to irreversible damage to your natural eye, you will surely be aware that
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prosthetic eye fitting methods

All About Different Prosthetic Eye Fitting Methods

Your eyes allow you to soak the beauty all around while adding to your appearance. But not everyone is as fortunate as you. The prosthetic eye fittings can be the ideal solution for many of them. Yes, artificial eyes cannot restore your vision. But, these tools can restore the appearance of a blind patient and also save lives. But, when
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artificial eyes

What is an Artificial Eye, and What is it Made of?

Before there was a deluge of cutting-edge medical technologies like corneal transplantations, ocular nerve stimulations, and bionic eyes to fend off blindness, there was the humble artificial eye. The correct medical term for such an implant is an ‘ocular prosthesis’, although it is still referred to widely as a ‘glass eye.’ Authoritative studies suggest that more than a quarter of the
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