Cutting Edge Prosthetic Technology

Our Maxillofacial and Artificial eye prosthetics are custom fitted using the newest technology available. Henry LaFuente holds various patents and devotes numerous time to the research and development of prosthetics. Henry has a patent for being the first to fabricate a dilating eye. He has been instrumental in devising ways for patients to maintain a healthy socket without the need for surgery. Some of his other notable developments are the LaFuente Expanding Conformer as well as the Facial Reconstruction Splint which are used worldwide by his colleagues.

Custom Ocular Prosthesis

Building a custom artificial eye is our most sought after service.  

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Maxillofacial prosthetics include noses, orbital exonerations (large prosthetic devices incorporating an artificial eye), and ear prosthetics.

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Pediatric Prosthetics

We can help improve your child’s life.

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Scleral Shell

A Scleral Shell is a thin prosthetic eye constructed to fit over a living disfigured or blind eye.

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Cleaning & Polishing

We recommend that a patient’s prosthetic eye be polished every six months, if not sooner.

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Results That Make You Smile

Before Orbital Prosthesis After Orbital Prosthesis
Before Facial Prosthesis After Facial Prosthesis
Before Ear Prosthesis After Ear Prosthesis

All Work Done in One Day!

At Specialty Facial, we care about our patients.

We pride ourselves in Providing an enhanced way of life with our realistic and natural prosthetics. All of our Maxillofacial and Orbital prostheses are individually customized to fit for optical movement and comfort. Our patient’s upmost comfort is our main priority. We have integrated a Mobile Unit that is available to come to our patient’s home anywhere in the US. (Insurance Depending)

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